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A workshop at the European Robotics Forum 2017 — Edinburgh, UK, March 22


General strategy

This Workshop workshop will rely on guided group discussions and on the production of on-line records. Guidance is given in the form of a set of specific questions, available here.

We will start with four short statements, delivered by representatives from industry and end-users, about the challenges that would require the use of cognitive abilities. These will be followed by four short statements by AI experts, pointing at AI techniques and tools that can address those challenges, with emphasis on results from EU projects and on the strengths of European AI research (as opposed to research elsewhere).

See the guidelines provided to the experts, including the list of questions to be addressed.

We will then start a break-out discussion session involving all participants, organized in parallel groups, around a matrix of "challenges vs tools" derived from the above statements and from the work done in AICoR and RockEU2. The discussion will focus on AI solutions that are sufficiently mature, and discuss what further research is needed to make them fully usable in a robotic system.

See the matrix of "challenges vs tools" to be used in the break-out discussion session.

Finally, groups will present their findings and have the chance to cross-comment them, and we will plan the next steps. The results of the discussions may feed into the subsequent roadmapping activities of AICoR and RockEU2.


16:15 Start of Workshop
16:15 Welcome and Introduction  
16:25 Statements on challenges from industry, academia and end-users
16:25 Amit Kumar Pandey (Softbank Robotics)  
16:30 Georg von Wichert (Siemens)  
16:35 Arne Wahrburg (ABB)  
16:40 Thilo Steckel (CLAAS)  
16:45 Statements on AI technologies
16:45 Joachim Hertzberg (Osnabrück University)  
16:50 Anthony Cohn (University of Leeds)  
16:55 Nick Hawes (University of Birmingham)  
17:00 Amedeo Cesta (CNR)  
17:05 Discussion
17:05 Parallel group discussions  
17:35 Presentation of the outcome by each group moderator  
17:40 Summing up  
17:45 End of Workshop


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