ICRA-2005 Workshop on
Cooperative Robotics
April 22, 2005  -  Barcelona, Spain

Final Program

14:30 Welcome and introduction
14:40 Invited talk 1
15:25 Paper session 1: Navigation
  • Fusing Vision-Based Bearing Measurements and Motion to Localize Pairs of Robots (L. Montesano, J. Gaspar, J. Santos-Victor, L. Montano)
  • Artificial Potential Based Motion Control for a Large Formation of Mobile Robots (W. Kowalczyk)
  • Navigation of Multiple Input Constraint Micro-Robotic Agents (S.G. Loizou and K.J. Kyriakopoulos)
16:30 Coffee break
17:00 Invited talk 2
17:45 Paper session 2: Architectures, Exploration and Learning
  • An Approach to Decision in Multi-UAV Systems: Architecture and Algorithms (J. Gancet, G. Hattenberger, R. Alami, and S. Lacroix)
  • Entropy Gradient-Based Exploration with Cooperative Robots in 3-D Mapping Missions (R. Rocha, J. Dias, and A. Carvalho)
  • Minimax Value Iteration Applied to Robotic Soccer (G. Neto and P. Lima)
  • Can Emil Help Pippi? (R. Lundh, L. Karlsson, and A. Saffiotti)
19:15 Closing remarks


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