Martin Magnusson


I am a researcher working here at the Mobile Robotics & Olfaction lab of AASS.

My main research is concerned with 3D perception, and efficient and versatile 3D surface representations. I have investigated 3D scan registration and mobile-robot applications such as localisation, loop detection, and semantic analysis of 3D scenes. I am also investigating methods for using 3D perception in autoloading of piled materials in construction and mining applications.

I support the international committee for robot arms control and the campaign to stop autonomous military robots.


I teach the courses Probabilistic Robotics and Computer Animation. I am also coordinating the Master's Programme in Robotics and Intelligent Systems.

Brief CV

I currently work as a lektor in the Mobile Robotics & Olfaction lab of AASS. I am mainly involved in the ALLO project and, previously, ALL-4-eHAM; together with Volvo Construction Equipment and NCC. The target application in both of these projects is autonomous wheel loaders. In particular, we study methods for mobile-robot perception and navigation in dynamic outdoor environments, as well as methods for efficient autonomous handling of piled materials.

In 2009, I received a tekn. dr. (Ph. D.) degree from Örebro University. Between 2004 and 2009, I have been an industrial graduate student at Örebro University in cooperation with Atlas Copco Rock Drills. The focus of my research has been the 3D normal-distributions transform and its applications for scan registration, surface analysis, and loop detection.

I received my undergraduate education in computer science at Uppsala University, interleaved with periods of work and play. I wrote my Master's thesis on the subject of hierarchical reinforcement learning for balancing a bipedal robot, and received my fil. mag. (M. Sc.) in computer science from Uppsala University in 2004.

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This section contains links to 3D scan data used for the experimental results in the publications listed above. See also the Osnabrück Robotic 3D Scan Repository, which contains some of the data sets used here.


This section contains precompiled releases of some of the software used for the results in my publications. Source code is available on request.


Martin Magnusson
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