The Cognitive Robotic Systems Laboratory at AASS

(Previously "Mobile Robotics Lab")

Cognitive Robotic Systems...
-> are robotic systems, that is, systems able to sense the environment and to act upon it; but they are also cognitive systems, that is, systems able to reason about what they sense and about what actions to perform. Examples of such systems include autonomous robots able to provide services to humans in a domestic or industrial setting, smart homes able to increase the comfort and safety of elderly people, or distributed systems of robots and sensors able to monitor the pollution of the environment.
The aim of our group...
-> is to perform basic and applied research on cognitive robotic systems. We address in particular the crucial problem of the integration of higher-level cognitive processes into physically embedded systems, like robots. Our approach relies on the combination of techniques from computer science and artificial intelligence with the use of real robots and sensors.
We are internationally recognized...
-> for our work in key scientific areas which are pivotal to the creation of cognitive robotic systems. These include:
  • planning and scheduling
  • cognitive sensor systems
  • robot ecologies
  • hybrid reasoning
Our application domains...
-> are illustrated by our portfolio of projects. They include:
  • industrial autonomous vehicles (Atlas Copco, SAUNA)
  • robot servants (GeRT, RACE)
  • smart homes (Rubicon, RobotEra)
  • elderly care and independent living (Excite, RobotEra, Giraf+)
  • monitoring through olfaction (MedNose, PollutedPeace)
In our work toward applications, we insist on the combination of sound theoretical investigation and careful empirical evaluation, especially when our systems interact with humans.

2011.05.31: Jayedur Rashid defends his PhD thesis.

2011.05.24: The first year review of GeRT is successfully completed.

2011.05.15: A new PhD student joins the MR Lab: Lia Silva López.

2011.05.10: A post-doc position available in the GeRT EU project.

2011.04.12: Kick-off of the RUBICON EU project.


2010.12.17: Three PhD student positions available.

2010.12.15: MSc thesis proposals for Spring 2011 are out.

2010.12.14: Marcello Cirillo defends his PhD thesis.

2010.12.03: Marco Trincavelli defends his PhD thesis.

2010.11.15: Another European FP7 project approved: RUBICON - Robotics UBIquitous COgnitive Network.

2010.11.08: Kevin LeBlanc defends his PhD thesis.

2010.11.05: New grant from Vetenskapsrådet on "Human-aware task planning" (Lars Karlsson).

2010.11.05: New grant from Vetenskapsrådet on "Cognitive Olfaction" (Amy Loutfi).

2010.10.01: A new PhD student joins the MR Lab: Fabien Lagriffoul.

2010.10.01: project held in Örebro.

2010.08.01: Enrique Yeguas and Luis Díaz, from Córdoba, join our Lab for a 3-month research stay.

2010.07.01: A new PhD student joins the MR Lab: Calle Billger.

2010.07.01: Start of the European AAL project ExCITE.

2010.05.07: Amy Loutfi co-organizes a Workshop on Networked and Mobile Robot Olfaction at ICRA-2010.

2010.03.22: Our SOFTEC initiative becomes part of the European Network of Living Labs.

2010.03.01: Kick-off of the GeRT European project.

2010.02.01: A new PhD student joins the MR Lab: Martin Längkvist.

2010.01.08: Maurizio Di Rocco, from Rome, joins our Lab for a 6 month research stay.


2009.12.17: Mattias Seeman defends his licentiate thesis.

2009.12.10: Marco Trincavelli wins "Best Business Idea" prize at Venture Cup Öst, with an idea based on the MedNose project.

2009.11.18: New project approved in the NovaTechMed framework: testbed apartment for care technologies.

2009.11.18: New project approved in the NovaTechMed framework: 3D visualization of the aorta cusp.

2009.11.02: NovaTechMed project MedNose featured on Swedish national news (STV1).

2009.11.02: The MR Lab has its own YouTube channel.

2009.11.01: Another European project approved: ExCITE - Enabling SoCial Interaction Through Embodiment.

2009.10.21: NovaTechMed project MedNose nominated for Örebrogalan innovation prize.

2009.10.15: European FP7 project approved: GeRT - Generalizing Robot Manipulation Tasks.

2009.10.01: A new PhD student joins the MR Lab: Jonas Ullberg.

2009.09.01: A new PhD student joins the MR Lab: Annica Kristoffersson.

2009.07.22: Marios Daoutis receives best student paper award at IE-09. [paper]

2009.06.09: Robert Lundh's work featured on Dagens Nyheter, Sweden's largest morning newspaper.

2009.06.05: Robert Lundh's work featured on NyTeknik, Sweden's leading technology newspaper.

2009.05.29: Robert Lundh defends his PhD thesis.

2009.05.28: Robert Johansson receives SAIS award for the best MSc thesis in A.I. [related paper]


2008.10.16: Marco Gritti defends his Licenciate thesis.

2008.10.01: The DHRS-CIM EU project starts.

2008.09.30: Abdelbaki Bouguerra defends his PhD thesis.

2008.09.23: PEIS Ecology vision reported in PhysOrg.com web-based science and technology news service.

2008.09.04: PEIS Ecology for elderly assistance featured on the Swedish national news (STV1).

2008.01.01: New post-doc in the MR Lab: Federico Pecora.


2007.12.31: Cooperation with Korean ETRI completed with the achievement of the final demo.

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