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Robotic Olfaction - Towards Real Applications

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Workshop Theme

The ability to artificially replicate the biological sense of smell has been a topic of interest to the sensor community for several decades now. In more recent years, advances in electronics, sensors and computing have made the manufacturing of compact electronic nose devices possible, and particularly suitable for integration onto platforms such as mobile robots or intelligent appliances. These sensors have spawned a new generation of application for robotic systems within the field of safety and security, intelligent environments and exploration.

The aim of this half-day workshop is to provide a common forum where an exchange of ideas and an identification of common problems relating to robotic olfaction can occur. It is expected that this workshop should be of interest to those already working in the area of mobile olfaction and electronic noses. Also due to the practical nature of the workshop theme, the workshop should also appeal to those interested in including olfaction in their current robotic systems.

A success story!

We are pleased to say ICRA's first workshop on robotic olfaction was a success and we plan to continue to keep the theme of smelling robots alive and active for the robotic community.

Some of our invited Talks

HIrioshi Ishida

H. Ishida

Dominique Martinez

D. Martinez


R. Andy Russell

Andy Russell.


January 10th - Deadline for Paper Submissions

January 15th- Notification of acceptance

January 20th- Camera Ready Papers Due.

April 14th-(morning) Workshop Day.



Amy Loutfi
(Corresponding Chairman)

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Achim Lilienthal

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