In an effort to encourage other research groups to work towards a shared vision of ubiquitous robotics we intend to publish all software created within this project with an OpenSource licence (GPL for all programs, LGPL for the middleware). Since the project is still in an early stage not all software are yet available and that which is available should be treated as an experimental alpha release.

As such we ask all that download this software to send an email to the address below stating their interest in the software. This is a requirement for using the software while at this alpha stage which will be removed when the software has matured enough for more widespread use.

Please direct all technical queries to: mbl at

Tutorial For a general overview of the middleware and components that can be downloaded here, please see the PDF version of the tutorial below as well as the documentation section of this site.
Files These are the files neccessary to compile and run a standard set of components in the PEIS ecology. Note that many of the components developed have not yet been packaged for release, any many of these releases have not been tested properly. These components are of very varying quality, both with respect to documentation, code quality as well as implemented features. The development of the PEIS Ecology should be seen more as a bazaar than a cathedral. For those lacking the same hardware setup as in the AASS Testbed there also exists a partial simulator which can be used. This simulator is based on a Gazebo for providing physics and graphics, and requires other components to be run explicitly to emulate any neccessary hardware. Note that many more PEIS components and programs are available and awaiting testing and packaging before they can be put on this webpage.

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